Why Do People Prefer Vegetarian Diet

Resorting completely to a vegetarian diet is mostly a personal choice.However, there can be several other reasons behind the choice made. The reason behind being a vegetarian may be health related, about environmental consciousness, ethical or related to as a way to show discontent against the ill treatment of animals.

It is also possible that a person may have more than one reason for being a complete vegetarian. We are going to elaborate some of those reasons that accounts for the ideology that makes people stick to a fully vegetarian diet.

Economic reasons

Meat is a great source of proteins, however, it is much expensive when compared to plants and grains that are actually high in protein. Many people choose vegetarian diets as they doesn’t wish to put extensive pressure on their pockets.

Producing meat is expensive as it requires feeding of livestock with a large amount of grains and fresh water. On the other hand, beans provide a large amount of protein but have a far lesser production cost.

Health reasons

Many people believe that by opting vegetarian diets, one can avoid numerous heart-related ailments and several chronic diseases. Various studies have also proved that vegetarian diets offer many health benefits and result in a longer life.

Diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes and heart stroke are more common among people consuming meat and other non-vegetarian diets. Vegetarian diets also help in gaining healthier weight as compared to non-veg diets.

Ethical Reasons

One more reason for people choosing a vegetarian diet plan is the animal cruelty involved in producing meat. The process of raising and slaughtering of animals is disturbing. Animals are treated very badly and have to live in very bad conditions.

Moreover, antibiotics are given to animals so that they do not suffer from any illness caused due to their bad living conditions.People who dislike the ill treatment of animals give up the non-vegetarian diets.

Environmental Consciousness

Running poultry and large scale meat industry produces a negative impact on the environment. Large amount of grains and water is required to feed the livestock, which otherwise can be used directly to feed nations suffering from food shortages.

On an average, the production of a single pound of beef requires 12 pounds grain and 2500 gallons water. The growth of livestock also results in increased greenhouse gas emissions, which in return endangers the environment. Degradation of environment and wastage of resources is a reason behind people opting vegetarianism.