Why do we shop on Black Friday

As Black Friday is just around the corner, it is a good time to find out why people love to shop on this special shopping day. There are those who don’t mind standing in long lines for availing the best bargains on Black Friday, and there are others who abhor the entire concept and look down on the line-standers as bargain hungry individuals. Well, such people need to know that discount and offer is not the only thing that makes people go crazy on a Black Friday. There are different reasons that convince people to shop on Black Friday and following are some of them.

Discounts and deals equal pleasure

There is no denying the fact that the most obvious reason that people love to shop on Black Friday are the bargains. Discounts and deals give pleasure to shoppers. Seeing something you like and that you really desire to buy at a slashed price is like a reward. On the other hand, seeing something you like with a hefty price tag at a store gives you pain. Discounted prices make you feel good and provide you satisfaction that is hard to experience when the product prices are high. Therefore, you can say that it is the satisfaction and peace of mind that compels people to shop on Black Friday.

The sense of urgency and excitement

Black Friday is all about limited sale times and product quantities. All this creates a sense of urgency in people and they feel excited to make the most of this opportunity. The more restricted an opportunity is, the more encouraged people feel. Retailers benefit a lot from this consumer behavior on Black Friday.

That feeling of superiority

Black Friday offers limited doorbuster deals and items. Therefore, those who manage to avail such deals get a feeling of superiority. This feeling is so important for some people that they simply don’t mind standing in lines for a long time.

The annual tradition

With time, Black Friday has become an annual tradition for many people. Just like any other custom, they like celebrating this annual shopping day with their family and friends. For them, standing in lines and buying stuff they need along with their family members and friends has become important. They consider Black Friday no less than the festivals that keep coming up one after another in a year.

The sense of competition

Sense of competition is a yet another reason that makes people shop on Black Friday. The shopping event is all about a crowd of shopaholics who are there to grab items at the best discounts in a limited time. This entire situation and the concept of Black Friday gives people a sense of competition that they love.

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