Why do Eagles Fly Alone

Eagles are for sure one of the most significant species of the animal kingdom that have attracted undivided attention from many people around the world for several centuries and for several years to come. Several cultures have adopted eagles in the form religious symbols, architectural designs, and traditional figures in their traditions and rituals.

There are several queries lurking around the magnificent bird of Jove. For instance, why does bald eagles have yellow eyes? And why do they fly alone? Today, we’re going to debunk some of the greatest mysterious around eagles.

Eagles Fly Alone

Like most birds of prey, eagles are solitary creatures. Nature’s best aerial hunters don’t flock together or engage in any kind of social behavior. Unless they are making love, it’s very unlikely to observe them in pairs or groups.

Serial Monogamists

Yes, eagles are serial monogamists. They don’t part with their mate until it is dead. They have a fascinating courting process, which is also the exception case when they can be spotted with company. It starts with chasing and swoop each other, locking talons, falling freely to the ground, and parting just before the impact.

Bald Eagles Have Yellow Eyes

An adult eagle’s iris is light. Immature birds of prey have darker, brown iris till they hit sexual maturity. So, basically adult eagles having yellow eyes are just a morphological change i.e. coming of age thing.

Eagles’ Diving Speed

Eagles are pretty swift creatures, no doubt about that. However, unlike popular conception they dive very rarely. Mature eagles are able to achieve speeds as much as 75 miles per hour or even more. Unlike other birds of prey like peregrine falcons, eagles slow down, fly low, and snatch their victims with their feet.

Eagles do Swim

Yup, eagles are born swimmers. Even the nestlings that haven’t started to fly yet are exceptional at swimming. This gives them the unique behavior of misjudging a fish in terms of weight and then fell into the water body whilst trying to pick it up. Swimming helps them to go to the shore to take another flight towards their prey.

Eagles don’t Break a Sweat, Literally

Another interesting fact about eagles is that they don’t sweat. Sweating is an important process to allow animals maintain temperature when their body starts to come under stress. You might wonder how these birds of prey then are able to keep their bodies cool when feeling tired. Actually, there is a process known as thermoregulation in action. It assists them to pant while keeping their mouth open and losing heat through unfeathered legs and feet simultaneously.