Why Do People Join Instagram


There are many people who are always busy clicking and editing their pictures so they may share these with various communities on Instagram. In fact, some people join Instagram to create their own communities that are interested in snaps of a specific category. While there are several reasons behind people’s interest in this social network, a major one is their need for receiving social approval for their own pictures or of images that they have clicked for their creations. Everybody wants to be liked by others and Instagram serves this purpose well through photo sharing.

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Why Do People Join Twitter


In recent yeas, the craze among people for joining the micro-blogging site Twitter has gained fire. Although Twitter has been present on Internet as a social media platform for over nine years now, this craze has picked up now, especially among youths. If you want to know the reasons why people love Twitter and its short expressions, then check out the following.

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Why Do Companies Need to Market Their Brands on Social Media

Socia lMedia Marketing

While a few firms may not recognize the need for Internet and social media marketing, most of the companies now need to market their new and existing brands on these platforms. While it is not mandatory, it has become a requirement, considering the cut throat competition in every business sphere. Check out what else lures or forces these businesses to market their brands online.

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Why do businesses use social media


Social media may be a place on the internet but for communication addicted masses of the world, it is as real an important as a real place on the face of the earth. Since everyone and their great aunt are on one social media site or the other these days, it is but natural that businesses too should jump on the bandwagon and try to get customers’ attention through social media pages. For those that don’t use social media (read: your technologically challenged relatives), businesses using social media is an unnecessary fuss. We investigate why it has become near essential for businesses to use social media these days.

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