What Is a Golden Birthday?

So What Are Golden Birthdays?

Golden birthdays can be a fun way of celebrating birthdays and making your day special. We have all been in a situation where celebrating normal and the same birthdays every year just become monotonous, and we want something new or “special.”

The birthday, where you can try celebrating something special and different, can be called golden birthday. So what is a ‘Golden birthday?’ A golden birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event or date when a person’s birth date corresponds with their age.

For example, if your birthday is on the 14th of any month, your golden birthday is the year you will turn 14. Similarly, if your DOB is the 20th of any month, your golden birthday is at 20 years old. A golden birthday is a lucky birthday.

Let’s see where this idea of celebrating a golden birthday originates from. According to many sources, the woman behind the concept of a golden birthday is a famous Mid-Western American author Joan Bramsch. The idea of a ‘Golden birthday’ became popular and widely used when Joan Bramsch celebrated the golden birthdays of her children back in the 1950s.

What makes a golden birthday special and memorable is that it only occurs once in your lifetime. Also, in many traditions and cultures, golden birthdays are considered lucky for the individual whose birthday it is.

Quick Fact: Turning the same age as the year you were born is called a platinum birthday and is considered even more special than a basic golden birthday. For example, if you were born in 2020, the year you turn 20 is your platinum birthday year. (We’ll discuss this further below when sharing some ‘Golden Birthday’ ideas.)

What Is a Double Golden Birthday?

A double golden birthday is another milestone birthday when you turn double the age of the day you were born—for example, suppose if your birthday were on the 15th of any month, then your double golden birthday would be the year when you turn 30 on the 15th. After a golden birthday, a double golden birthday is the next golden occasion to be celebrated.

Did you know? There is also a ‘Triple golden birthday,’ which is when you turn three times your DOB. So if your birthday is on 23rd May, then your triple golden birthday will be when you turn 69 years old. Triple golden birthdays are also very special birthdays.

What Is a Silver Birthday?

The 25th birthday of any individual is considered a silver birthday. For some organizations, parks, and monuments, their 25 years of existence are celebrated as silver jubilee. The word ‘jubilee’ means a special anniversary. The 25th year of marriage is also celebrated as a great event by the ‘Silver Jubilee.’

Silver birthdays mark the 25th anniversary for anyone or anything.

What is a Platinum Birthday?

A platinum birthday is a birthday when one turns the same age as the year the person was born. A platinum birthday occurs only 12 times in a century. This will happen when your age matches your entire birthday. For example, suppose you were born in 1949. In that case, you can celebrate a platinum birthday the year you turn 49. People consider it one the most special birthdays!

But, in terms of jubilee, a platinum jubilee means an entirely different thing – it marks the completion of 70 years of anything. Platinum jubilees or birthdays are considered more special than golden or double golden birthdays because of their luckiness and improbability. People often celebrate a platinum birthday as a very grand celebration.

How to Celebrate a Golden Birthday Party?

Though a simple Happy Birthday is enough sometimes…a golden birthday or a ‘gold birthday’ is a very special occasion. From children to teenagers, everyone should have a golden birthday bash. People consider a golden birthday an auspicious birthday, and you must celebrate it with a blast. Here are some golden birthday party ideas to make your golden birthday celebration a momentous occasion :

  1. Throw a ‘Gold color theme dinner party.’
  2. Host an elegant themed party for your friends and relatives.
  3. Encourage the people to wear as much gold as possible.
  4. Have a gold decor party venue – golden background, golden balloons, etc.
  5. If you want to have a dance party add a golden disco ball for everyone to rock and sway their hips on your golden birthday
  6. Offer gold wearables and accessories to the guests.
  7. Transform your home or venue of the party into a disco-like place with golden lights and a golden color disco ball.
  8. Throw a ’90’s dance party birthday.’
  9. Have some golden caramel popcorn, gold foil chocolates, and golden crackers.
  10. Have fun games and obstacle courses, with the reward being golden trophies or gold medals.
  11. Have a ‘Golden-themed neon rave party.’
  12. Get the same number of gifts as your age.
  13. Throw a ‘Champagne birthday party’ because champagne birthdays are very cool. Plus, a bottle of gold champagne is the perfect beverage for this occasion.
  14. Host a ‘Gleaming golden birthday party.’

Gifts have a very profound impact on a golden birthday, especially on children’s golden birthdays. Some people treat their golden birthday as an ordinary birthday and celebrate it without excitement. It is the sole responsibility of relatives and family to make their day and birthday feel special. Here are some golden birthday gift ideas:

  • Gold Jewelry – What best occasion to gift gold jewelry than a golden birthday?
  • Golden Perfume – Golden color perfumes are perfect golden birthday gifts
  • Golden Clothes – You can gift golden hoodies, caps, etc.
  • Golden Watch – Choose from a golden-lined or a gold-plated watch.

Final Words – What Is a Golden Birthday?

A birthday is a very special day for a person. Birthdays are celebrated very fondly around the globe. A golden birthday is a special kind of birthday, accompanied by a grand celebration with friends and family. There are also double and triple golden birthdays that are memorable in a person’s life. Golden birthdays are considered very lucky and very important in everybody’s lives.