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What Is a Maya Angelou Quarter Error?

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So, what is a Maya Angelou Quarter Error? The love of coin collecting is becoming more and more prevalent among women. A new generation will undoubtedly become interested in the American Women’s quarters dollar initiative. This Maya Angelou Washington quarter dollar coin dated 2022 was discovered in a West Virginia toll booth’s change.

The first black woman to appear on a quarter is Mrs. Angelou.

Additionally, Mrs. Angelou has made history by becoming the first African American woman to appear in a quarter.

A question might arise in your mind: What is the Maya Angelou quarter error? Let’s find it out!

Who Is Maya Angelou?

Who Is Maya Angelou?
Who Is Maya Angelou?

Known for her writing, performing, and social activism, Maya Angelou was a celebrated writer and social activist. She became a well-known author on a global scale after her groundbreaking autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” was published. 

In addition to dance and theatre, Angelou has a distinguished career in journalism and social activism. She worked as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s northern coordinator at the request of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She served as a National Book Award judge for autobiography and biography in 1978.

Designer Emily Damstra and medallic artist Craig A. Campbell made the quarter that bears her portrait. It shows Ms. Angelou with her arms up, in front of a bird moving, and rising sun rays splintering from behind her. The pictures were symbolic of her life and captivated by her poems.

What is the Error on the Quarter?

What is the Error on the Quarter?
What is the Error on the Quarter?

Many coin collectors make a few mistakes when purchasing or offering Maya Angelou quarters. If you are one of them, you have probably already become aware of these faults. Some techniques prevent these, but they can potentially cause severe issues. You’ll first need to develop your ability to identify them. There is a helpful guide on locating these mistakes on mint location websites. After all, you want to maximize your financial resources.

The first coin with a mistake is the Maya Angelou quarter from 2022. A mistake that raised a lot of concern involved the writer’s image, which was printed incorrectly. The coin is still being made and will be given out at various locations across the nation.

The absence of a bald eagle on the front of a Maya Angelou quarter is another frequent error. On the coin’s backside, we can see the image of Maya Angelou. For instance, the back of the coin depicts Angelou’s arms raised to the sky, a flying bird, and the sun’s beams.

Is a Maya Angelou Quarter Worth Anything?

Is a Maya Angelou Quarter Worth Anything?
Is a Maya Angelou Quarter Worth Anything?

The condition of a coin is more important to its value than whether it is an error or variant. Values may also alter, but designations continue to be important; for example, an MS66 2022-P 25C Maya Angelou (Regular Strike) Washington quarter, for instance, sold in 2022 for $14.

On the other hand, the 2022-D 25C Maya Angelou First Day of Issue denomination is graded MS68 and costs $600.00! Next, a 2022-S 25C Maya Angelou (Regular Strike) coin with the grade MS70 traded hands for $30.00. Last but not least, these rare quarters are available on eBay in singles and even in bundles.

Final words : What Is a Maya Angelou Quarter Error?

Please take note of Maya Angelou’s advice if you are holding a quarter bearing her name: “Be sure that you do not expire without having done something good for humanity.”

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