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What Is HTTP Error 560?

Is it a Server Issue?

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This error often happens if you attempt to access a computer with a problem with the public key file or with the password assigned during installation.

What Is HTTP Error 560?

What Is HTTP Error 560?
What Is HTTP Error 560?

This error indicates that the website is facing trouble or global outrage. Sometimes it may happen if a user tries to open a website and it says “http error 560” it is a general problem, so there is no need to panic. This error limits the user to connect the site at that moment. So this is ultimately a server issue.

How to Fix HTTP Error 560?

How to Fix HTTP Error 560?
How to Fix HTTP Error 560?

Https Error 560 may occur due to a violation of the code of conduct or terms and policies. The user can search for solutions on youtube, or it is suggested to fill up the troubleshooting feedback form. Relevant data of message indicating error must be forwarded to service links.

This problem may be a single client or multiple client requests. This request can be solved differently on Mac and Windows if translated by a simple sign-in retrospect company.

If this happens to specific customers but not others, there might be a malfunction in those clients’ “pubkey.dat” files.

To resolve the issue, take the following steps:

Mac Client:

  1. Make your way to the client’s PC.
  2. Run the Retrospect Client uninstall script that comes with the installation package.
  3. Remove the retro client. State file from Library/Preferences.
  4. Copy the server’s public key (pubkey.dat) to “/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/pubkey.dat” and paste it into the client installer’s “pubkey” field.
  5. It should reinstall Retrospect Client. Retrospect should offer you to create a new password during the installation process.
  6. Add the Retrospect Clients to the backup server again.

Windows Clients:

  1. Make your way to the client’s PC.
  2. Disable the Retrospect Client from Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Transfer the public key from the server, located in the “C: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataRetrospect” folder, and paste it into the “C: Program FilesRetrospectRetrospect Client” folder on the client.
  4. It should reinstall Retrospect Client.
  5. Add the Retrospect User on the backup server again.

Replicate the public or private key and spread the revised client if this looks to be happening to many customers. Before reloading the user with the new public key, remove it first.

Final Words – What is HTTP error 560?

This problem commonly happens with users whose key pair files have been compromised or who’ve changed passwords since the installation. This occurs when specific clients work with other clients; however, it might cause corruption in those clients’ “pubkeydat” files. We recommend users to search Community and support articles. Retrospect response can also solve this issue.

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