Why Didn’t Sasuke Get His Arm Fixed?

So, why didn’t sasuke get his arm fixed? has just one arm the whole time in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. So why didn’t Sasuke obtain a replacement arm after losing it in the last fight against Naruto?

Sakura said something about constructing an arm out of Hashirama Senju cells after the battle. However, Sasuke possesses and knows how to utilize the Rinnegan. As a result, he can get a new limb using the Asura Path method. So why did Hashirama’s cells need to be used to make an arm? Sasuke’s arm is gone for a reason. So by now, he should have received his replacement arm. Right?

In this article, we’ll find the answer to why he didn’t Sasuke get his arm fixed?

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Why Didn’t Sasuke Get His Arm Fixed?

Why Didn't Sasuke Get His Arm Fixed?
Why Didn’t Sasuke Get His Arm Fixed?

Sasuke decided against getting a replacement limb because he wanted to experience life in the shinobi world as he is now. In chapter #699, he was forgiven for his misdeeds and departed the community to go on “a tour of atonement.” Getting a prosthetic arm would be a symbolic act that would disregard his self-growth and recognition towards his problematic background.

In chapter #699, in recognition of Sasuke’s efforts to reverse the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, he was granted forgiveness for the wrongdoings he had committed before the Fourth Ninja War. The elders granted the pardons with the assistance of a favorable recommendation from the battle hero Naruto and the Hokage Kakashi.

He decides to go on his voyage, leaving the hamlet behind.

Sakura bid Sasuke adieu for the last time and pleaded with him to accompany her on their journey one last time before she left. He rejected her and gave the reason that she shouldn’t suffer for his misdeeds and that she shouldn’t have to live such a lonely life either.

In the remaining episodes of Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, Sasuke can get his arm back. Boruto also follows this timeline. Even though the show has progressed and Sasuke has gotten ever more reformed, he has never attempted to replace his artificial arm. It’s possible that he feels the internal process of making amends for his transgressions is not yet complete.

How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm?

How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm?
How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm?

The final fight between Sasuke and Naruto, sometimes known as the “final battle,” is when Sasuke lost his left arm. After beating and sealing Kaguya Otsutsuki and Madara Uchiha, the two companions engaged in their last battle. Technically, they didn’t defeat him, but they sealed him.

They battled each other, intending to preserve or destroy their ideals. While Sasuke was attempting to eliminate Naruto, his sole friend, and adversary, Naruto’s goal was to save Sasuke, whom Naruto considered a buddy.

They both saved their remaining energy till the very end of the battle. At that point, they cast their respective Jutsu, Rasengan, and Chidori. Both Sasuke and Naruto lost an arm due to the two attacks coming together and colliding with each other.

Does Sasuke Eventually Get His Arm Back?

Does Sasuke Eventually Get His Arm Back?
Does Sasuke Eventually Get His Arm Back?

There is no doubt that Sasuke will regain the use of his arm at some point in the future. He turned down Hashirama’s offer to have a new limb grown from his cells not as a form of penance but rather because he wanted to travel the globe as soon as possible. He was adamant about not wasting even a second of time. He wanted to look into a few things that were bothering him and believed he would find stuff he hadn’t seen before.

After he satiated his need to go on new adventures, he no longer had the drive to get a replacement arm.

What if, however, the circumstances compel him to get one? You need to understand that Sasuke is a reincarnation of Indra. We have seen in the past what happens to a person when the chakras of Indra and Asura combine into one. They transform into a figure, Uchiha Madara, who is completely absurd.

There was never a true demonstration of Madara’s full might. When he regained control of both of his Rinnegan, the only jutsu he was able to utilize was infinite Chibaku Tensei. But, it did absolutely nothing than irritate Naruto and Sasuke. His Rinnegan talent, on the other hand, increased the number of limbos he could use from one to four.

Although he was powerless against the pair before, he had both rinnegans. This was only because the two were battling together. If he used both of his rinnegans simultaneously, the combat would most likely be more balanced. In the end, the combination of both sets of eyes reveals their full potential. Particularly for the benefit of their proprietors.

And we haven’t even started talking about the benefits of having Hashirama cells yet. But, given that Sasuke is also an Indra reincarnate, he would be entitled to all of the benefits Madara enjoys, with not a single perk being excluded.

  • Power to regenerate in high amounts
  • Wood decomposition
  • Superior abilities in the physical realm
  • Elevated chakra level

The most important of all is that Sasuke had reawakened both rinnegans. Because Sasuke’s body has already gone through the process of waking one rinnegan, likely, it won’t take him very long to open the second eye. And Sasuke, now that he has both eyes will become as powerful as a fish. Should this occur, Sasuke will surpass everyone else in terms of physical prowess.

On the other hand, there is no need for him to grow so powerful now. We don’t believe he’ll ever get his other arm back unless the circumstances urgently necessitate him to become this powerful. However, if that’s not the case, we don’t see how he could. But who can say for sure?

Final Words

That is the appropriate response. Sasuke purposely did not obtain a new arm because he wanted a constant reminder of the difficult times in his past constantly. Replacing the lost arm which symbolically symbolized the accumulation of all of his transgressions, would make his internal path of personal atonement seem like a betrayal.

The reason why Sasuke didn’t get a new arm in place of his missing arm is reasonable.