Why do advertisers use celebrities

Why do advertisers use celebrities

More and more celebrities are seen endorsing a number of products in the commercials. Film stars are generally seen endorsing personal care products, cosmetics, kitchen ware, etc. Sportsmen and women are seen endorsing nutritional supplements, energy drinks and stationery products, and the researchers suggest that the sale of the products go significantly up once they are associated with a celebrity.

One may simply ask why it happens. The quality aspect of the product does not get altered when advertisers use celebrities then what difference does it make?

Well, it makes a lot of difference. By hiring celebrities for advertisements, the advertisers actually target the psyche of the consumers. People share a great rapport and affinity with their favorite stars and when they see the celebrity using a certain product (even on-screen only!)  they begin to believe it is good for them also. You will find many men and women using certain personal care products because their favorite celebrities use them and they aspire to be like them.

Celebrities are associated with brand recall and differentiation. It means that when facing a plethora of products, a consumer can easily remember the products endorsed by certain celebrities and the chances are that he will pick the product endorsed by a celebrity over the ones which advertise other models.

Celebrities bring with them a certain kind of sophistication and charm to the product and the public gets mesmerized by them.  This helps in positioning the brand of the company in the market.

Besides, local celebrities’ helps in creating new users for the product since they influence the young minds to be like them. There have been ample examples where failing brands have done well once they hired celebrities for advertising the product infusing life in the sales.