Why Do America Support Israel

America Support Israel

Even though Israel has displayed criminal behavior and tried to manipulate the sovereignty of America, Americans still support Israel. What is it that has literally led American politicians to love Jews and Israel? On one hand, America comes to fighting conditions with Israel; while on the other hand, it supports Israel with huge military aid. Some people think that the main reason behind this special love of America toward Israel is due to Israel’s intense control over American mass media, as well as its federal government. However, there could also be some other reasons behind America’s support for Israel.

A few political experts suggest that Israel acts as a major ally of the United States when it comes to the Middle Eastern region. Both the countries share common interests regarding security, as well as religious and democratic values. Additionally, America greatly supports the peace process between Arab and Israel. Thus, the relations of both these countries share multiple common platforms. Israel and America have also decided to become allies, as both share similar history and culture. One may find a large number of Israelis and Jews living in America. America has become a second home for a good Jewish population.

Apart from the above factors, America had also played an important role during the World War 2 by offering support to Israeli or Jewish people. Both the countries share similar ideologies and America has also looked toward Israel as its spiritual center. In fact, America is like a larger Israel whose passion is inspired by the Jewish state. Both the countries have beliefs in racial supremacy. Thus, their common and mutual interests have always inspired America to maintain deep ties with Israel. America is totally committed toward ensuring the security of this country. Thus, it has maintained strong political and military relations with Israel.