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Why do ants walk in a straight line

Why do ants walk in a straight line

Imagine having to live without your GPS and going to unknown territories for job every day. It can be very difficult. Humans are not the only social living beings. The ants are also very social and like to live in a well behaved and organized society. All their work is done in an organized method. They live in a colony and work hard every day to find food and take it back to their nest. Unlike other insects or even animals they don’t just eat the food they find but take it back for others at home. The ants walk in lines for several reasons, the main of them being survival.

Ants seem to believe that unity is strength. Each and every ant leaves a chemical trail behind it so even if they get lost their co-workers can find them. The chemical trail helps them walk in a single line in a procession. Ants have a unique way of communication. The ants that belong to the same parent nest rub their antennae to identify each other. They produce a substance which possesses a certain smell and indicates that there is some danger.

The ants have pheromone glands located at the lower portion of their abdomen. The pheromone secretion can be smelt and recognized by its fellow ants, belonging to the same parent nest. They follow each other forming a trail and reach the spot where there is food. They divide the food and carry it in little portions back to their home. Some ants have been found to work and find food without any team work but most of them work in huge groups of thousands to find and carry food. The strong smell of pheromones, secreted by thousands of ants, never lets the trail diverge or get off track.

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