Why Do Astronauts Wear Space Suits

Why Do Astronauts Wear Space Suits

A spacesuit is much more than a regular suit you may wear on Earth. It is also different from the suits that astronauts wear in space. A spacesuit is specially designed to fight the existing and possible dangers in space. It is like a miniature spacecraft that protects an astronaut from the dangerous environment of space.

Assistance in proper breathing

There is no air in space and a spacesuit gives the required oxygen to an astronaut so they can breathe properly. Astronauts usually need to work in space for a long time period and they cannot survive in an environment where there is no air pressure or even air existing. Thus, spacesuits come to their rescue by becoming their lifeline.

Protection from cold and low pressure

An astronaut has no chances of surviving in space without wearing a spacesuit. It is extremely cold and low-pressure environment in space that is dangerous to life. Thus, a spacesuit offers full protection to an astronaut against these conditions. Astronauts do not get extremely cold or hot while wearing spacesuits.

Provision of water

A spacesuit also has a place to hold drinking water. Astronauts cannot survive without water, and thus, carry their own drinking water in spacesuits when they go on a mission.

Protection from dust and sunlight

Space also contains some hard-hitting space dust and astronauts need protection against this dust. Although this dust is not harmful, one needs to stay away from it as it could hurt like a bullet. Thus, a spacesuit is designed to protect an astronaut from space dust. It also provides protection against bright sunlight that could harm one’s eyes. A spacesuit has special gold-lined visors that offer such kind of protection.

Protection from radiations

Space has various types of dangerous radiations. Astronauts badly need to be protected against these harmful rays. Thus, a protective spacesuit is worn by them when they move for a space mission.