Why Do Girls Like Batman So Much

Girls Like Batman

Batman, the famous fictional superhero character, is liked by all. However, girls are crazier about this crime fighter dressed in a bat-like costume. According to various girls, batman does not hold any superpowers but still looks more manly, hotter and sexier than other superheroes. They feel that it is the batman’s style that has a charming appeal for girls. Some girls like the bad boy attitude of batman that is in excellent combination with his qualities of a good boy. Thus, they believe that he has the best of both worlds.

Batman also appears stronger to girls, as he acts like a rebel who holds law in his own hands and acts bravely. This dark character is like a mysterious man for girls whom they would like to know more. He seems to be such a tall, dark and handsome man that every girl dreams of. Even though he is emotionally hurt, batman never likes to be mothered. He is a strong man who quite resembles a real human being unlike other superheroes. Some of the girls also love this superhero for being so rich while also being a funny, fit and handsome man.

Batman’s confidence and his intelligence also appeals girls. They like him due to his being a self-reliant man who also has mysterious acts and manners. A few girls also feel that batman is so appealing, as he is single. With his right, as well as wrong acts done for right reasons, the character of batman appears closer to a real man who also has flaws in him. It is the batman’s imperfection in perfection that drives girls crazy. Most of the girls think that batman is a typical superhero who can do anything that another superhero can do, and he can do it without any special powers.