Why Do Babies Cry Before Sleeping

Babies Cry Before Sleeping

You would have noticed your baby crying before sleep. Although there could be several reasons behind the cry of babies, there are some common reasons that lead almost every baby to cry before they sleep well. In fact, these reasons should be understood if you want your baby to sleep peacefully and properly.

A way to communicate or a coping mechanism

Since babies cannot express themselves verbally, they tend toward crying in order to communicate with you. They might want to give you a signal about their being ill, hungry, or uncomfortable. Crying before sleep is their way of coping with their environment. Babies want to tell you about any behavioral change through crying.

Physical discomfort

You baby might be experiencing some kind of discomfort due to which they cry before sleeping. Sometimes, your room may be dry or moist for your infant. They might also find their environment dusty and that could lead to a blockage in their nasal passage. You should immediately check upon these factors if your child keeps on crying. Babies could also experience discomfort due to being full in their diapers or developing rashes from soiled diapers. If that is the case, you should instantly replace their diapers to provide them comfort.

Teething problem

Some babies start having teething pain from as early as 3 months. This might cause severe discomfort to the baby. Thus, they start crying before or even while sleeping. You should consult your doctor to know about pain relieving options that could be used during your baby’s teething problem.

Age-dependent crying

If your baby is newborn or below the age of 3 months, then it is very likely that his/her body may not be equipped to sleep for an entire night. Their bladders and stomachs may also not be equipped to let them sleep. Thus, you should not force them to sleep while they cry.