Why Do People Like Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos García is a 27-year-old footballer from Spain who has become a sensation in no time. He plays for the Real Madrid club and Spanish national football team. Although this tall footballer plays at the central defender position, he is equally good at the right back position. Sergio Ramos made his team debut in 2004 for the Sevilla club and went on to play more than 40 matches through a single season. His wonderful contributions led the team to qualify for the UEFA Cup. Later, he continued performing excellently during his games with the Real Madrid club team.

Considering his great contributions to the club team, he was made a team captain in 2009. Apart from several club titles, he also received various awards during his international career. He became a hit as soon as he started playing in the national under-21 team. He has also been the youngest player to play for the senior national team in the last 55 years. He played superbly in all his matches at the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships. Sergio Ramos not only contributed to the team wins, but also won various awards and titles for himself, including Castrol Index Winner in 2010 FIFA World Cup and Castrol EDGE Index Winner in UEFA EURO 2012.

His fans love it when he is on the ground to defend his team. On a personal level, Sergio Ramos does not mind to play at the right back or the defender position. It is the backing of his followers that has motivated him to grab his 100th cap in the year 2013. He is also the youngest ever player to have reached this feat. His solid contributions to the game of football have made him a real star in the hearts of his fans who appreciate it all about him.