Why Do Blind People Wear Glasses

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You would have seen most of the visually impaired people wearing sunglasses. Have you thought about the reason why these individuals wear glasses when they cannot see? If you have not found the answer to this question, check out the following facts that explain why blind people make use of sunglasses.

Sensitivity to sunlight

Many people have some types of visual impairments and they are not completely blind. Still, they wear prescription glasses or sunglasses. Blind or partially blind people prefer to wear glasses, as their eyes are sensitive to sunlight. They may experience pain in their eyes because of it. Prescription glasses or sunglasses block sunrays from entering their eyes and make them feel comfortable.

Making others feel comfortable

Sometimes, visually impaired people wear glasses so others do not feel offended or uncomfortable. This is because their eyes do not have a usual look and other people keep staring at them while finding them inappropriate. An unusual look could make others uncomfortable too. Thus, wearing glasses can hide their eyes behind shades.

For indication purposes

By wearing sunglasses, some visually impaired people want to indicate that they cannot see properly or at all. Thus, others around them get an indication of their impairment and treat them in a proper manner. In addition, their constant eye movements do not make others think that they are looking at a thing inappropriately. Thus, sunglasses are used as an indicator of their disability.

For cosmetic purposes

There are many blind people who are into a profession where they need to make public appearances. For example, many entertainment professionals are visually impaired and face the public on stage almost every day. Such people do not want to give a direct look to their audience, as their eyes may appear inappropriate. Thus, they choose to wear glasses while making their public appearances or presentations.