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Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

Maybe Their Husbands Love Veils!

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So, why do brides wear veils? Would you want to wear a veil during your wedding? You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve ever wondered why brides wear veils since we’re going to cover that topic in detail now.

Enhance your bridal style with a veil on the big day. Many future brides report that this accessory is the last touch on their special day. So, why exactly do brides put on wedding veils? It’s time to go back in history and peel back the layers of the bridal veil to learn about all the customs underneath.

Wedding trends come and go, but one thing that has been constant for hundreds of years is the veil. Traditional or modern brides wear veils on their wedding day for various reasons.

We have all the information in this article; read to know!

What Does the Wedding Veil Symbolize?

What Does the Wedding Veil Symbolize?
What Does the Wedding Veil Symbolize?

Today, most women throughout the globe consider the bridal veil to be a modern custom that represents virginity and innocence. Furthermore, the wedding veil signifies a lot more than that:

To Scare Off Evils Spirits

In general, ancient Romans had strong superstitious beliefs. Parents gave veils to brides to wear to protect them from ghosts since people feared ghosts. People used a scarlet covering called a “flammeum” to cover brides entirely to protect them from evil spirits. The cloth also masked their identity by hiding their face.

To Signify Purity and Obedience

In the middle of the eighteenth century, white wedding dresses became popular thanks to Queen Victoria. The veil, however, has been around for much longer. The veil has been a sign of humility used in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic rituals for centuries. The veil symbolizes purity and submission because of the religious significance of weddings throughout history.

To Indicate the Groom’s Ownership

As it turns out, some rather dated beliefs about the veil tradition exist. For example, back in the day, when the bride’s father lifted the veil and handed the bride over to the new husband, people accepted that this meant a literal transfer of ownership from father to husband.

To Prevent the Bride From Escaping

There are many disturbing explanations for why brides traditionally wear veils. Still, one reasonable explanation is that veils were meant to restrict the brides’ eyesight and mobility so they could not escape their arranged marriage. People even kept the trains on bridal dresses long for the same reasons.

Is it Necessary for a Bride to Wear a Veil?

Is it Necessary for a Bride to Wear a Veil?
Is it Necessary for a Bride to Wear a Veil?


To cover one’s face with a veil is completely discretionary. We must consider many factors before settling on a final decision on veiling. After you’ve chosen your wedding dress, it’s time to choose the perfect veil to complement it.

This moment is your only chance to try on a veil, so even if you didn’t think you’d be interested in doing so before, seeing yourself in one could change your mind.

You don’t have to wear a veil if you don’t want to and may choose a floral crown, tiara, headband, or nothing to adorn your hair on your wedding day.

Keep in mind that a veil, especially a lengthy one, is an accessory that needs regular attention and care. Veils should be steamed before the wedding day to prevent wrinkles and creases. Veils that are longer will need to be carried, either by the bride or her attendants, to prevent them from being soiled.

Most women take off their veils during the reception so they can dance more freely, but if you want to keep yours on, someone in your wedding party will need to learn how to bustle it.

Do Brides Still Wear Veils Over the Face?

Do Brides Still Wear Veils Over the Face?
Do Brides Still Wear Veils Over the Face?

It depends on the bride.

Suppose you cover your face with a blusher veil. In that case, it is customary for some brides to wear it down the aisle and to the altar, where they remove the veil to reveal the bride’s face throughout the ceremony.

Even though some individuals wear them over their faces, the most common way to display a veil is by draping it over the back of one’s hair and clothing.

What Does Lifting the Veil Mean in a Wedding?

What Does Lifting the Veil Mean in a Wedding?
What Does Lifting the Veil Mean in a Wedding?

Most brides have their fathers remove the veil during the wedding ceremony. However, they hold off until the official has pronounced the bride and groom husband and wife. This veil lifting signifies the transfer of ownership from father to husband.

Final Words – Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

Final Words
Final Words

A veil is a lovely accessory for a bridal gown on a traditional or modern bride. Typically, but not always, the dress material is a tulle fabric. Whether your preferred length is a full ball wedding gown or a more demure tea dress, it serves as the perfect last touch. A wedding veil tradition has various significance, which we’ve gone through in the article.

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