Why do we make wedding vows

Why do we make wedding vows

Love weddings and find the different rituals quite fascinating? Well, weddings are fun and even their facts are fun and thought provoking. Wedding is a social institution for centuries, even though traditions differ from culture to culture, the whole idea of wedding remains the same. One such tradition is writing wedding vows, which is common in all tradition. The words and style may change, but the idea behind vows remains the same.

Weddings vows plays a crucial part since the olden times and even today they hold their significance by going through some changes. In current times, you may even find bride and groom writing their own wedding vows. Lovely, isn’t it!

But what’s wedding vows and why are they used? Well, let’s check out the reasons behind this tradition.

Wedding vows are a pledge that the bride and groom take in front of the God as well as family and friends. When you take vows in front of God and so many witnesses, it serves as a proclamation for your love, describes your eternal bond and the responsibilities you will share with each other. It’s like a declaration that no matter what, they will stand for each other to face whatever good or bad situation life brings on them.

The use of wedding vows is mainly to make you understand the importance and sanctity of a marriage relationship. The sacred vows express the entrance into a lifelong relationship and no matter what times are, you both will stand for each other till the last breath.

According to bible, marriage is a lifelong commitment towards each other and the only possible ending is through death. But somehow, in current times, the sanctity of marriage has evolved and the vows can be broken in extreme circumstances by the process of annulment or divorce.