Why do brides wear white

Why do brides wear white

Wedding is the day that remains memorable all through your life. It is the day when you live like a fairy-tale princess. But have you ever wondered about the significance of a white outfit on the wedding? If yes, then here is the answer.

Wedding traditions varies from culture to culture and these varieties make wedding occasions more interesting and fun filled. Out of all facts about wedding, one very common fact (especially to be seen in Christian wedding) is of the bride wearing a white color wedding dress.

Speaking of Christian wedding traditions where the weddings takes place in a church, where the beautiful bride wears her wedding dress walk down the aisle and enjoys the precious moment, the use of white color has prime importance. White has been known for its own significance in Christian religion and Holy bible. The white color has its untainted property and brides particularly wear white wedding dresses to keep themselves away from all impurities and show their virginity. The white color is synonymous to purity and brides want to present them as undefiled and pure in front of the groom.

Apart from the Christian religion belief about wearing white, there are some other interesting facts like significance of the colors, fashion trends etc that influence white color selection. White color dress represents social status with wealthy appearance. Even fashion industries have quite an influence on white color wedding dresses, like Coco Chanel launched a beautiful and trendy white color knee length dress in the 1920s. Today Vera Wang’s white colored wedding gowns are preferred all over the world. After that many royal families also adopt the trend of wearing white color wedding gowns, which has led to an increase in its acceptance.

And today everyone’s idea of a fairy tale marriage is, wearing a lavish white color wedding dress.