Why do carpets wrinkle

Why do carpets wrinkle

Wrinkled carpets are a common problem that we face at home as well as workplace. If your wall to wall carpet that you bought recently has begun to show wrinkles, you need not to worry, as these wrinkles can be fixed. But the question that concerns most of us is why carpets wrinkle.

Carpets do wrinkle due to a variety of reasons. Carpets begin to wrinkle if the underlay used in them is not of good quality. Show it to some professional carpet stretcher and ask him about the quality of the underlay. If the quality of the underlay does not match with your carpet then get it replaced immediately.

Another reason behind wrinkles is the low arrangement of AC or heater in the room. The hot or cold waves coming out from these equipments or the leakage in the heater can cause wrinkles in your carpet.

Carpets also wrinkle on places where there is more traffic and hence feet pressure. Over a period of time, the carpet begins to wrinkle due to daily wear and tear.

In addition, if you chose over sized carpets for your room, they will definitely wrinkle. The folds in carpet will cause wrinkles easily. Besides, if you keep dragging and pushing your furniture on the carpet, it will eventually lead to wrinkle formation.

Wrong method of installing carpet can also cause wrinkles in the carpet due to wear and tear in the fabric of the carpet. Some people use power stretching for installation, if not done properly, it may damage the fiber of the carpet which will further develop into wrinkles.

Hire a professional stretcher to get rid of carpet wrinkles and find the same fresh look you had fallen in love with at the carpet store.