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Why do dogs sleep so much

Why do dogs sleep so much

Sleep is very important in order to stay active and healthy. Remember the day when you could not sleep well and the next day you felt pretty lethargic. On the other hand, when you overslept, you feel equally lethargic. But that does not seem to be the case with dogs. You can find them sleeping throughout the day and cannot stop wondering what makes them sleep so much?

First of all, dogs need to sleep a lot in order to stay active and alert at night time. Besides, pet dogs do not have much to do since they know their food will come ready in their plate, so out of boredom they tend to snooze throughout the day. Though, it does not mean they are in a deep slumber. The moment someone knocks at the door, dog tend to run and bark to check the visitor. If he does not do so and chooses to stay idle then it can be an indication of some health problem. Consult the veterinary doctor about your dog’s abnormal behavior.

Those dogs that do not get adequate diet and exercise also tend to sleep more than an average dog. It is very important for dogs to walk or exercise on daily basis. Take your dog out for long walks or runs regularly. After proper exercise and adequate diet, if your dog sleeps throughout the day then there is no need to worry.

The activity level of the dogs depends on their species and body weight also. Some dogs are more active than others. Over all, dogs sleep to replenish their energies and stay active during the night time.

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