Why do cats hate water

Cats hate water

Before answering this question, I must tell you that not all cats hate water. While some cats avoid taking a dip, others love to get wet. The Turkish Van, a longhaired breed of domestic cat, is known for its fascination with water. In fact, this breed loves to swim. If we take the animals from the wild into considerations, the cat species like jaguars and ocelots that belong to hot areas like to take dips in cool water. On the other hand, cat species from cold areas like lynx, bobcats and cougars hate to get wet.

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests that cats really like water. However, many of them hate, or we should say, fear water.  So, what makes some cats hate water so much?

1. First reason can be the way a cat is bred. If someone introduces his/her cat to water at an early age, it will grow to be a water lover. However, one should determine the cat’s personality beforehand. You can bring your kitty near to the water tub or a bowl filled with water to see the reaction. If she starts playing with water or jumps into the tub, you can easily figure out that your cat is a water lover and vice-versa.

2. As discussed above, it also depends on the species of the cat. Certain species of cats enjoy playing with water more than other species.

3. Another reason for the cats to hate water could be their fur, which gets heavier during the bath. A forced bath or spraying with water can also make your cat hate water.

4. Cats have a long history of domestication. When a cat is kept indoors, it gets habitual and might not want to take a dip in the pond.

The conclusion is quite simple and straight. While the notion of cats hating water is widely accepted, not all cats hate to take a dip, including those I have seen in my life so far.