Why Do Cats Sleep in the Sun

Cats Sleep in the Sun

If you own a cat and are confused about its sleep behavior, then you should observe that cats usually curl around heat-producing objects like lamps and heaters or find a sunny spot in your house to take a nap. Did you know why cats do so? This is because you cat wants to follow a proper sleeping routine in which it needs to feel comfortable. As cats are desert mammals, they develop a high tolerance to sunlight or heat. Their bodies need to be maintained at a higher temperature for which cats use their internal fuel and energy.

The liver of a cat constantly produces metabolic protein enzymes on which it remains very dependent. Even the brain of a cat uses energy at a faster rate than other mammals do. Thus, cats sleep in the Sun so they may conserve more energy for their constant activities and bodily functions. While sleeping at a sunny spot, they may actually maintain their metabolism without getting a drop in it. Additionally, it is not necessary that your cat will only sleep in the Sun. Cats need heat and that can also be gained from other sources of warmth, such as heaters and lamps.

What may seem uncomfortable to humans is a comfortable temperature for cats to stay in. Sleeping in the Sun does not let the temperature of their bodies go down. Thus, cats feel more comfortable and secure while sleeping near the sources of heat. Whether your cat hides itself under a blanket or curls itself around a heated machine, this is its way to cope up with the environment. It is only seeking to be cozy when it searches for a place that received enough heat or sunlight. Now that you know the reason, you can let your cat sleep soundly near your windowsill or in your garden.