Why Do People Volunteer

Why Do People Volunteer

Many people volunteer for social causes on a regular basis. While a few people receive happiness from their efforts, others learn from their actions. Every individual has different reasons on why he/she volunteers for campaigns and social activities. Here are some of the common reasons behind volunteering.

Altruism and satisfaction from giving back

Some people are altruistic and do not hold any selfish motives behind volunteering to help others. They have a selfless concern toward people in need, but have it with a purpose. Many of these people find it satisfactory to help needy individuals. This is due to their feeling of giving back to the society as a return to what they received. Giving something to others provides them pleasure and internal satisfaction.

Spending free time

There are individuals who can spare a lot of time that needs to be invested in a fruitful activity. When they look for such an activity, they might be struck by the thought of volunteering. Thus, they go on to serve other people by offering their spare time.

Meeting new people

Volunteers are those people who love to meet new people and make friendships too. They may be looking for other individuals with similar interests. It is same as people going to a community garden to find like-minded people and build up relationships with them.

Gaining new skills

Volunteering can also be done to gain additional skills. Some people feel that volunteering for an activity in a particular environment can make them learn new concepts that can further be applied in their professional work environment. Thus, they gain workplace experience when they go on volunteer visits.

Achieving and being recognized

People love it when they are recognized for their efforts. Thus, they remain involved in different volunteer activities in order to display their skills and achievements to a wider population.