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Why do celebrities get away with crime

Why do celebrities get away with crime

Time and again, history has proved that celebrities get away with crime very easily than a common man who is not known and applauded by the masses. Our past and present is replete with instances when the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Salman Khan, O.J. Simpson, Michal Jackson, etc. have escaped the crime. The prime reason behind this is the fact that celebrities have no dearth of money and connections in higher echelons of society. With these two tools in their hands, they are able to manipulate the situation easily and have an upper hand.

Celebrities always employ high profile lawyers when it comes to court cases. Being skilled and experienced lawyers, these people know how to present facts in a way which prove their clients innocent. With experience, these lawyers have also understood various loopholes present in the judicial system and they know how to milk them for their heinous benefit.

Sometimes, these celebrities, being friends with people in power try to exert their influence on the judiciary or on the people involved in the issue. This kind of force tactics makes common people succumb to the pressure and becomes instrumental in giving them a clean chit.

At times, celebrities use their money to bribe people and come clean through the mess. On occasion, the jury is also biased and is in fact star struck by the celebrities’ stature and helps them in coming clean. Being rich, celebrities can easily give away the fine which sometimes common people cannot afford. This also helps them in getting away with crime.

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