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Why do old people sleep so much

Why do old people sleep so much

Old people tend to snooze very fast, whenever they get time. You may be sharing your college time stories with your granny and suddenly you find that she is snoring in the midst of a laughter laden conversation. It simple leaves one to think – what makes old people sleep so much.

While it is true that old people tend to snooze fast, it is also equally true that they do not get an undisturbed sleep for seven or eight hours at a stretch. At night time, you can often find them tossing and turning in the bed, but they tend to take several short naps during the day. Perhaps, the biggest reason behind this kind of haphazard sleeping pattern is their frail bodies. As people grow in age, their bodies get frail partially due to ageing and partially due to several diseases which come with age. So, when old people work a little bit or exert themselves, they feel tired fast and hence, they need to sleep to collect their energies for the rest of the day.

On the other hand, old people do not have many responsibilities over their head, which leaves them free throughout the day. While children need to go to school or college and their parents need to go to their respective jobs, elderly are just left with their day to day chores. Once they finish them, they are free for the rest of the time. This kind of leisure also induces sleep.

Having not been able to enjoy a long undisturbed sleep, which is body’s requirement for repairing and healing it, elderly people tend to get sleepy during day time and sleep as and when they are tired or feel free.

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