Why do children misbehave

Why do children misbehave

Parents often fail to understand why their children are acting in a particular way. We are helpless in front of misbehaving children sometimes. We do not want them to get hurt by hard punishments yet don’t know the best way of dealing with the situations they create. Not following the instruction of the parents, not doing their own work in time, not eating the food they have been given and badmouthing are some common examples of misbehavior. Some children are also prone to responding rudely when they are talked to. Understanding the reasons why children misbehave will help you solve the problems.

To get attention:

Children misbehave when they do not get the attention they seek. This can happen due to the little time you and your children get to spend together or when a sibling is born. A child who is used to your complete attention will misbehave to get you focus on them once again. Your understanding and patience will be effective in overcoming this problem.

They test your rules:

Often children disobey you to see if they can get away with it. You have set some rules for them and they break it to see if they really get punished. This is their way of evaluating their parents or caregivers. In such cases you have to make them understand how crucial the rules are by taking decisive actions when they break the rules.

Imitating someone else:

Children often misbehave by imitating someone they come in contact every day. This someone can be you as well. Mutual respect between spouses and same rules for everyone should be applied to solve this issue. For example if you have asked your kid not to use slang words then the elders should never use them as well.

Emotional stress and feeling of insecurity:

Children also misbehave when they are going through some sort of emotional stress or facing some insecurity. Problem between parents and distress due to over expectation can make them behave rudely. In such cases you need to sit with them and talk it out.