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Why do teachers need lesson plans

Why do teachers need lesson plans

Lesson planning is an essential part of teaching. In a school there are many students in a single class. Every student has different capacities and problems. It is one of the responsibility of the teacher to get them understand a subject by heart. Lesson plans help a lot in this direction. It is used for drawing a detailed plan that will help the teacher throughout the class and takes into consideration all sorts of problems that may occur during the class. It helps teachers prepare themselves for questions they may have to face or the measures to be taken for getting into the depth of a subject matter. It gives them a clear idea if they need pictures, maps, flow charts or other teaching tools for a particular lesson.

There is some confusion regarding the time when the lesson plans should be prepared. Each class is different from each other. If you want to teach effectively then you will have to plan the lessons every day. Some teachers make the mistake of planning lessons in detail at the very beginning of the session. They fail to foresee the problems that they will encounter during the session. A teacher needs to plan the lesson according to the goals he/ she want to achieve and make evaluation and application parts of the plan.

What are the benefits of lesson planning?

Lesson planning enables the teachers to interact more effectively with the students and address their problems in understanding the lessons more efficiently. The overall understanding of the subject matter is more intense and students are encouraged to ask questions and their doubts are cleared by the teacher. The teacher also gets a clear idea about when they should start evaluation and when they should proceed to the next lesson. Lesson plans help in organized teaching and saves time.

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