Why do Christians pray

Why do Christians pray

Praying is the cornerstone of any religion. For Christians too, prayer plays an important role in their spiritual well being. Even though a lot of Christians do not believe everything the bible tells them anymore, a vast majority of them still pray every chance they get or whenever they need to. We examine the reason why Christians still use prayer.

To seek solace in trouble

A common belief goes that even the biggest disbeliever will try to reach out to god in times of trouble. And that is a truism no one can deny. Most Christians pray to God in times of trouble to try and invoke blessings or protection from a bad fate.

To offer thanks

The second biggest reason that prompts Christians to pray I to offer thanks for God’s protection and mercifulness after good news has been received, an achievement has been made, after trouble has been evaded or after a bad time has been successfully passed.

To seek forgiveness for sins

Making amends for sins and seeking forgiveness is one of the core principles of Christianity. Some of the most popular Christian prayers include a few lines about asking for forgiveness for past sins.

To seek God’s assistance

Catholics and some ancient sects of Christianity believe in patron saints and they usually offer a prayer invoking the blessings of those saints and God when they are seeking spiritual strength during times of trouble.

To connect to the Divine power

Christians who pray regularly without a specific agenda often do so to try and connect to a higher divine power. This helps to strengthen their faith and allows them to strive to live a life that is devoid of trivial mortal pursuits only.