Why do companies implement email & internet use policies

Why do companies implement email & internet use policies

Staying connected to the internet is a necessity for most companies today. However, a large number of them are beginning to implement a strict policy on internet use and emails in the office. For the employees, this tends to feel rather dictatorial and fascistic though business owners and company manager have very good reasons for putting these policies in place. We examine the top reasons why companies implement email and internet use policies.

To maintain productivity

Many companies limit the number of personal emails employees can send out during the day while others ban the use of social media in the office. The reason for implementation of such policies is that employees often spend way too much time on these personal pursuits which lower their productivity.

Prevention of data theft

Companies that create and handle data need to implement internet and email use policies to ensure that employees cannot steal data. Such data can be valuable to rivals and the quickest way to steal them would be over the internet. Hence, limiting internet use helps curb intellectual property theft.

Prevention of spread of malware and viruses

Most viruses and malware get downloaded into company computers when employees are allowed to access personal email accounts and use the internet for leisure purposes. Even the most insignificant of computer viruses can pose a great threat to computers’ networks and limiting internet use can cut that risk out greatly.

Controlling internet costs

Most organizations often buy expensive internet subscriptions that gives them access to high speeds connectivity. This often tempts employees to download large files for personal use using office networks and may leave the office with a high internet bill. Limiting internet use thus helps companies keep their internet costs down too.