Why do companies use spam

Why do companies use spam

Most people that have had an email account for 10 or more years would be more painfully aware of the kind of havoc spam can wreck though more recent users have had the good fortune of having their email providers block spam automatically. So why do companies insist on using spam even though they know they might be automatically blocked by email companies? Let’s find out.

To boost sales

A lot of new companies that are relatively new to the internet often find themselves lagging behind, are not finding enough customers for their products and don’t have the resources to use traditional means to boost visibility on the internet. For these companies, spamming appears to be an effective way to generate leads and boost sales. Spammers often convince these companies to purchase bulk email addresses for a “fair sum” by convincing then that even if a fraction of those people respond to the spam and buy the product, it would be a genuine sales boost.

To get people to visit a website

In a setup where a certain number of page views get a company ad revenue, spammers really thrive. Pornographic sites are the most proactive at using spam to boost their page views and ad revenue.

It’s an accident

A lot of reputed companies often end up “accidentally” sending out spam to customers through what is called “opt in mail”. Opt in mail is basically where the customer visiting a particular website checks the box that says “do you want to receive emails from us and our partners?” usually, this option is provided to allow customers to receive newsletters from the company. Technically, there is no way of knowing whether these “partners” don’t have partners of their own who are actively involved in spamming.

To con people

A manufacturer that is selling a fraudulent product usually would not advertise its wares through regular advertising means. These companies resort to spamming people to get customers. The most common example of these spam based cons are companies that claim that you have won the lottery, chain mail companies, companies offering data entry jobs and companies that claim that they can help you lose weight without doing anything, etc.