Why do we need car insurance

Why do we need car insurance

Most people think that a car insurance policy is a scam that the auto companies and insurance companies are in on. However, this notion cannot be further from the truth and car insurance actually has a very practical purpose.

It is a legal requirement

In most parts of the world, road laws require car owners to have auto insurance compulsorily even if the most nominal denomination.

It helps you cover the costs of others in case of an accident

When you get into a car accident, you not only damage your own car but also that of another person. Even if you have been careful, skidding on a snowy road, swerving to avoid an animal or person, etc. also may cause you to accidentally damage another person’s property or car. When you have auto insurance, these unexpected expenses can be easily taken care of.

It helps you have a chunk saved up to cover your own car repair costs

Car repair is famously expensive. Even a single scratch on the exterior can set you back a few hundred bucks. What’s key to remember here is that even if you’re the best and most vigilant and capable driver yourself, not everyone behind the wheels on the road is. This means that your car will still incur much expense in auto repairs. Having an auto insurance cover, however, will help you deal with such costs in a more organized way.

It protects you against fire and theft

Fire and theft, these are two eventualities that car owners just cannot prepare themselves for. Despite having the highest level of security, your car may be stolen and with the use of fuels, petroleum based chemicals, electric batteries and CNG to run the engines, the danger of fire is also ever present. An adequate auto insurance cover protects against such dangers and provides the owner relief from the financial burden as well.