Why Do Completely Logical People Smoke

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There are people who have just started smoking and there are also people who have reached a stage where smoking has already caused them a lot of harm. However, even such logical people continue to smoke as if they have developed this habit recently. They are well aware of their bad health conditions and the harmful effects of smoking, but they just cannot stop doing it. Don’t you wonder why people having knowledge about smoking and its effects still continue to smoke? Well, it is because of several common reasons.


Although logical people may feel happier, healthier and more energetic after abstaining from cigarettes, they return to smoking due to their addiction. They feel the need to smoke, as they are simply addicted to nicotine present in cigarettes. This makes them just light up a cigarette at any time, even if they do not need it.

Myths about smoking

Some people simply cannot leave their smoking habit due to prevailing myths about it. Many smokers believe that lighting up and putting a cigarette in their mouths would take away all their stresses. This belief may motivate them to keep smoking. To overcome such myths, they need extra motivation so they may see that non-smokers are not collapsing due to their tensions.

Inability to quit

Although this too is a type of myth, many smokers believe that it is extremely difficult to quit smoking after developing an addiction to it. This myth is developed over a long period of time. Smokers feel that quitting is a painful process that also brings along its side effects. Some people also feel that leaving cigarettes is harder than leaving another addiction. However, they need to know that it is not hard to quit smoking if it is willingly done with proper medical assistance from experts.