Why Do Web Designers Need To Consider Colorblindness

Web Designers Need To Consider Colorblindness

Based on various studies, it has been estimated that around 8 percent of males have colorblindness. This means that their eyes cannot differentiate between certain shades of colors. If there are two shades of the same color, they will have problems demarcating them. Actually, they lack some photo-pigments due to missing or damaged genes in their bodies. If you are a web designer and develop your websites or content using various color shades, this stratum of people will not be able to differentiate between those shades. Thus, your company might be at a loss when you are unable to attract this group of audience through your advertisements and marketing content.

Web designers need to consider colorblindness while designing any type of content that requires playing with multiple color shades. In fact, you would hardly notice any web content that does not require the use of colors. Colors are something that grab the audience’s attention and act as a highlighter in infographics. Even when you need to display a hyperlink, it takes a specific shade of color. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider certain color shades before designing content that could be properly visible to people with colorblindness.

If you have a normal sight, you will find it complex to understand the difficulties of a colorblind person. However, you may try to understand certain common concerns related to colorblindness. As you cannot take the risk to avoid the colorblind population, you need to know how website content can be made suitable for all types of audiences. You should know about specific color combinations that need to be avoided in your links and infographics. In addition, you can do your web designing using some techniques that help colorblind people notice your content. An example is to use symbols along with colors to depict emotions in your content. Thus, such methods can help you maintain your audience that cannot differentiate some color shades.