Why do computers take so long to boot up

Why do computers take so long to boot up

In the modern world, technology has definitely become speedier than it had been a mere few decades ago- our computers are faster, we can connect to networks almost instantly and we don’t have to wait for several minutes to  have a telephone operator connect your call to a chosen destination. However, most of us still find ourselves waiting for many minutes while our computers boot up. We try to find out what makes computers take so long to boot up.

Failing fans

When a computer takes way longer than normal to boot, it could just be because its fans are failing.

Too many programs are configured to launch at boot up

The most common reason behind a slow boot up in relatively newer computers is the existence of too many programs that are set to launch at boot up. Most programs are configured to launch at startup by default and you need to manually uncheck the “run at startup” box during installation or after the program has been installed on your computer to avoid this problem.

Computer age

As computers age, they usually accumulate a number of programs that cause the memory to become clogged which in turn makes the booting process to slow down. Aging computers are also plagued with failures in components which further slow down the boot up process.

Viruses and spyware

Spyware, malware and viruses usually look to identify your passwords and sensitive data by keeping a track of your keystrokes and other inputs. To be effective, these bits of malware need to remain hidden and auto launch at boot up. If these problems are not detected by your computer’s security software, it may cause your computer to boot up very slowly indeed.