Why do Democrats hate American Manufacturers

Barack Obama

The manufacturing industry had been the backbone of the American economy for a better part of the last century. However, since the late 1970s, American manufacturers have received a blow from successive democratic governments and their policies have been seen as the driving force behind the fall of American manufacturing. It has forced many people to ask if the democrats hate American manufactures. We investigate the reasons behind such claims.

It’s actually the big corporations’ fault

Even if no one in the world wants to admit it, it is more than evident that the American economy has always been in the hands of big, private corporations. These corporations had been the driving force behind the boom in manufacturing in the country and sadly they were also responsible for the fall of the industry. These corporations made the decision to establish their manufacturing overseas to exploit poor labor laws in those countries. Unfortunately for the democrats, they had been in power every time the question of the failure of American manufacturing industry has been raised.

The influence of lobbyists is increasing in Washington

Unofficial estimates suggest that for every US senator, there are at least 5-6 lobbyists in Washington. These lobbyists are backed by major corporations who spare no expense in getting these lobbyists to “persuade” lawmakers. The exact amount of influence that these lobbyists have had on democrats’ decision to not revive American manufacturing is not known but the government being hand in glove with companies that are looking to make profits for themselves just cannot be good for the public.

It’s the republicans’ job to make such allegations

Here is something that people don’t understand about politicians and political journalists. Most of them have a standpoint and they defend it with all their might. When a republican politician or a journalist with republican leanings alleges that democrats hate American manufacturers, the average citizen should remember that it is their job to hate everything that their political opponents do. It is vital to remember that recent republican governments have done nothing to reverse the alleged bad decisions that democratic governments have made with regard to American manufacturers.