Why do doors at my home’s entrance squeak

Why do doors at my home's entrance squeak

Squeaking doors are a staple in most thriller/horror movies. However, they are also a staple for most homes. Entrance doors are especially prone to squeaking even if they have been recently installed and there appears to be no discernible problem with its construction. We try to explain some common causes behind the squeaking of entrance doors.

The door may be too heavy for the hardware

Most entry doors are made of sturdy heavy wood and are considerably larger and heavier than other doors in the home. If homeowners and sub-contractors aren’t experienced, they may end up picking and using the same hardware and hinges on entry doors as they have used for lighter doors throughout the home. Since these hinges aren’t made for heavy doors, they may not be able to take the load and end up producing a squeaking noise when opened or shut.

Hinges have come loose

Loose hinges put a strain on the wood used for the frame of a door. These loosened hinges constantly tear the fiber of the wood in the frame as well as the door itself. This tearing of the wood may be responsible for the squeaking sound.

Lubricant on hinges has dried out

Hinges are usually coated with a lubricant to ensure that they don’t dry out or wear out with use. However, if you live in unusually dry climates, this lubricated coating may wear out particularly quickly. This causes friction between the two parts of the hinges and makes the door creak when opened or closed.

The door frame has become loose or warped

If the wood used for an entry door’s frame isn’t seasoned well, it may end up warping slightly over time. This might be responsible for the squeaking noise that is produced when the door is opened.