Why do dogs chew bones

Why do dogs chew bones

Often you must have noticed your dog chewing on the piece of bone mirthfully. He does not like to be disturbed at the time when he is enjoying his favorite food and seems to get aggressive when disturbed. Though it is quite obvious that dogs are canine and they love to eat meat but what makes them love bones? What pleasure do they find in chewing on that hard piece which makes the teeth work harder?

In fact, it’s not dogs but all canines including fox, wolves, dingoes, etc.  who enjoy chewing on the piece of bone and will make an effort to save that piece of delicacy for savoring later by burying it in the ground.

Dogs enjoy chewing on bones because bones are powerhouse of nutrition. Filled with highly nutritious marrow, bones make a perfect food for dogs. By grinding bones into powder, dogs manage to get calcium for themselves. Chewing on the bones also help them in removing plaque.

It is not only humans who try to find ways and means for stimulating flow of endorphins. Dogs also try to boost their happiness quotient by chewing on bones. The act of chewing bones helps in flowing of endorphins, making dogs feeling happy.

The desire to chew on bones is strong in the canines that when the urge to chew arises they will chew on any hard thin g( if they don’t find a piece of bone to satisfy their urge) so beware and do not place things carelessly in your house.

A word of caution is that do not give your dog any bones which are brittle and will splinter in his mouth easily as they can choke and prove to be fatal. Likewise, do not let your dog pick any bone from garbage since it can cause stomach infection.