Why do Download Speeds vary

Why do Download Speeds vary

World Wide Web is the destination where you can find every single mode of entertainment, starting from music, videos, movies and eBooks. Just everything! Billions of people all around the world use internet 24/7. They stream videos, upload information, downloading files which are related to one thing, Internet speed.

As many people simultaneously connect over the World Wide Web, it chokes internet and you experience the varying bandwidth speed, which ultimately affects the overall uploading and downloading speeds. Other condition that also affects the situation is your network provider and your location. Depending on everything, your connection may be slower or faster as the speed varies among users.

If you are thinking the download process starts as soon as you click the link, then you are wrong as it goes through many steps before actually starting the download. So, why do you think your download speeds vary?

In case you are downloading torrent file then download is affected by seeders and lechers. So, for that reason you should choose a torrent file with a high number of seeders.

The internet speed can also vary with the mode of downloading as for large files you can download it via torrent or .zip files as compared to any other software or direct download option. So, the internet speed also depends on the mode of your downloading and the server where you are downloading.

Sometimes shared internet connection can cause network congestion and can slow down your download speeds. And during the day you might face a slower connection as maximum people are online at that time. So, try downloading at non-peak hours for better speed.

Sever side issues can also hold back the downloading speed like speed during playing online games and video streaming depend on the server so, no matter how fast your internet speed is if the server is slow you can see the difference by yourself.