Why do Web pages load slowly

Why do Web pages load slowly

Slow loading web pages can be very annoying. When you type an URL and as soon as you hit the enter key you are expecting a web page but in that place you keep waiting for the web page to load completely and that can be irking. You might find that your internet connection is working properly so, what can be the reason for slow loading web pages.

A web page is made from number of small elements and each of the file based element needs to be loaded properly. The list of elements contains JavaScript files, text on the page, graphics, CSS style sheets, etc. So once all elements are loaded completely, it takes maximum of 10 seconds to load the page completely. So if it’s taking more time than check where it is spending so much time.

Sometimes the reason why some web pages take more time like 1-2 minutes to load is the one who programs the page completely freezes all kinds of function until all Ads, widgets and every other small info load. After all the elements are visible on the page, it gives the access to the user.

Apart from that you can check your antivirus and firewall setting that may be preventing or blocking the web browser or the plug-in container without indicating. In this case, just remove rules of Firefox and certain plug-ins in the firewall. Make sure that your firewall asks again for permission and then allow full access to your web browser.

Many times ads are the main reason which slows down the loading of the web pages and for that you must install ad blocking software. So, these are few important points which make the browser to load the pages slowly.