Why do flower girls drop petals

Why do flower girls drop petals

Fascinated by wedding traditions? Or are you curious about wedding rituals from different cultures? Well, if you are enthralled by wedding, then there is one thing you just cannot miss, i.e. when a young beautiful girl walks down the aisle before the bride dropping petals from flowers, particularly red roses. Those red roses look so serene, so beautiful, and so innocent.

But do you know why do flower girls drop petals on the wedding day? If not and still wondering then check it out!

In a wedding ceremony, a flower girl is supposed to walk in front of the beautiful bride. The young girl is the symbol of purity who adds joy and sweetness to the wedding ceremony. The petal she drops symbolizes the transition of the bride from a young girl into a loving and passionate wife. But in some cultures the petals ward off evil eye and protect the bride on her wedding day.

The flower girl tradition is not new but is slightly different from original Greek and Roman times. During those times, young girls did not drop flowers; instead, they used to scatter herbs and grains, which represented fertility. The tradition of carrying a flower basket comes from the Victorian era where young girls used to drop flower petals from the basket as a symbol of eternal love.

No matter what the culture it is, the flower girl tradition remains same with some slight changes dependent upon dressing and time of the wedding. Generally, a bride prefers red flowers or pink, representing sweetness. Sometimes colors like orange are added, which stand for warmth and vitality, violet for serious emotions, blue for hope and confidence and green for youth and happiness. Colored petals that must be avoided are white, yellow and black.

With changing times, you can witness many changes in the wedding traditions and same goes for the flower girl traditions. So, embrace and enjoy the changes and delight in its reasons!