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Why do flowers have different colors

Why do flowers have different colors

The world is filled with several interesting scientific facts that not only astonish you, but also make you more curious about those facts. One such interesting query we often make and seek an explanation for is why do flowers have different colors? You must have witnessed hundreds of beautiful, vibrant, multicolored flowers all around you, sometimes enchanting you or astounding you with their vivid hues and beauty. Here are some pointers to help you understand the amazing phenomenon!

The main reason for the different colors of the flowers is survival. Flowers play a crucial role in the survival of plants from one generation to another. Apart from the biological reason, there are other factors like many chemicals present in the plant or geographical factors. The main factors responsible are as follows:

  • Flowers’ basic color is due to the presence of different pigments called anthocyanidines. The different pigments in flowers reflect different colors when exposed to sunlight. Apart from above pigment, there are some more pigments like flavonoids, flavnols, and chlorophyll, which are also responsible for different flower colors.
  • When it comes to environmental factors, one main reason is the ultraviolet light. You might witness the sudden change in the color of the flowers from morning to evening when it is exposed to UV rays.
  •  Geographical factors are also responsible for giving different colors to the flowers. Accordingly, flowers that grow in colder climate tend to have more vivid colors than the flowers growing in southern and warmer parts.
  •  One very important factor responsible for different flower color is pollination. Insects like bees, wasp, and butterflies are attracted towards the vibrant colors of the flower, which leads to the transfer of pollens from one plant to another and is the only possible way to survive.

Thus, the different colors of the flowers are not only the sign of their natural beauty, but also the hope of their survival.

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