Why do girls go everywhere together

girls go everywhere together

Men often do not get why women prefer to do everything together and go everywhere together. In fact, every man has his own favorite joke about women and their habit of going to the bathroom together. However, this behavior has some pretty solid reasons behind them. Here are a few of them.

Safety in numbers

Through a better part of human history, the safety of women has been a big issue. Since women were soft targets for abuse, sexual harassment and robbery, women began venturing out in groups to improve their safety. Since a male companion wasn’t always available to escort them to places, women began seeking the company of other women from their own family or neighborhood to ensure their personal safety whenever they stepped out of the home.

To have someone to serve as a sounding board

Unlike men who pride on solving problems on their own, women prefer to get opinions from a companion even when making very minor decisions. Traditionally, women were required to make purchases for the home and for them only out of whatever portion of the household income they were given for it by the men folk. To ensure that they didn’t make faulty decisions, women began taking a female companion with them to avoid purchasing mistakes.

Patriarchal setup of society

The setup of society has been largely patriarchal throughout history. This resulted in a degraded position for women. In fact, women were not considered equal to men in terms of intellectual capacity right up to the end of last millennium. This meant that women were not considered equals in male company. Men too considered women’s errands non-important and avoided accompanying them so that they may spend their time more fruitfully. This forced women to stick together and they began going everywhere with other women instead of the men in their own life.