Why do girls go weak at the knees

go weak at the knees

Despite the four odd decades for which the feminist movement has been raging through the world, it seems like the most common behaviors of women are still a mystery to men. Girls going weak at the knees is one such behavior. Of course, girls don’t have their knees weakened. Rather, the expression describes the feeling of nervousness girls experience in the presence of a man they are attracted to. Here are some of the most common reasons that explain why girls go weak at the knees.

Girls admit attraction by asking themselves fragile and submissive

Evolutionarily, men have learnt to see an aggressive person as a threat. This meant that women who showed their attraction to a man aggressively were not considered suitable mates.

Over a period of time, these behaviors evolved into women displaying attraction by feigning to be weak and submission. Girls are conditioned not to show attraction aggressively which has, over time, reinforced showing submissiveness to display attraction.

The biological reason

Biologically, when a person experiences nervousness, their body is flooded with adrenalin that raises their heartbeat and boosts the flow of blood and oxygen to key muscle groups. Since most women don’t have the kind of muscle tone that men have, this rush of blood and shot of adrenalin results in them feeling like their knees are going weak.

This display of nerves shows up as girls’ losing their composure a bit, blushing, touching their arms, fidgeting with their hair or even showing signs of lower body weakness thus giving rise to the expression “going weak in the knees”. This feeling of nervousness is detected by men easily and thus they are able to forge a response to these physiological signals more accurately.