Why do people get white hair at a young age

white hair at a young age

Getting white hair at a young age is no longer the bane of people’s existences since they can easily be hidden by applying a hair color. However, premature graying remains a big problem for those in whom the condition is severe. When the hair stops producing pigment through its color producing cells, hair becomes grey. Sometimes, the hair also gets bleached when the naturally present hydrogen peroxide in the hair builds up in the hair.

Ethnicity also plays an important part in determine what is a premature graying. For a Caucasian person, the natural time to begin going grey is in their mid-30s; for Asians and Hispanics, graying should normally begin in late-30s while Africans should experience the beginning of graying in the mid-40s. Hence, for a Caucasian person, getting grey hair by age 20 would be premature, for Asians, getting grey hair before the age of 30 would be premature while for Africans, graying before their late 30s would be considered premature.

However, barring rare cases, premature graying does not indicate the presence of a medical condition. Some of the major reasons responsible for premature graying include:

1. Genetics

If a person is born in a family where premature graying is prevalent, they are more likely to get grey hair at an early age too.

 2. Vitamin B12 deficiency

Premature graying is also caused by a vitamin B-12 deficiency. If this is the reason behind going grey at an early age, it may be entirely reversible.

3. Pituitary or thyroid gland problems

Problems with the normal functioning of pituitary or thyroid gland are also known to contribute to premature graying. With proper medication, such graying can also be reversed unless one has reached their ethnicity-specific age for graying.