Why do girls go with ugly guys


When a man sees a gorgeous girl with an ugly guy, the first question that immediately pops in his head is “What does she see in him?” Since men are notoriously vain, they cannot understand how a girl can be attracted to someone that is below average in the looks department. However, the phenomenon isn’t all that remarkable. We examine the mundane reasons behind the behavior.

Beauty isn’t the top dating criteria for girls

Here is a heartbreaking fact for men- girls like guys that can provide them with financial security more than guys that are merely easy on the eye. While it may appear to be a very vain reason, the fact remains that guys that aren’t financially well off are more likely to be abusive than a guy who is comfortable financially.

Girls don’t want their mates to be prettier than them

Women are inexplicably obsessed with their looks. Having pop culture place a very high value on physical beauty doesn’t help their cause either. This insecurity even filters into the way they chose their mates. Hence, girls are more likely to go out with a guy that isn’t as good looking as them so that they don’t have to worry about their own looks all the time.

Girls believe an ugly guy won’t find anyone better than them

Being cheated on is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person. For women, the trauma is exaggerated by the fact that a guy (husband, fiancé or boyfriend) also represents financial security and a sense of security in societal terms as well. When a guy is good looking, he is more vulnerable to being “stolen” by another woman. When an ugly guy dates a good looking girl, the chance of him jeopardizing that relationship goes down drastically.