Why do women go without underwear

Why do women go without underwear

Wearing underwear is one of the hallmarks of civilized society. However, sloppy men are infamous for going commando. While men forgoing underwear isn’t all that uncommon, women walking around sans underclothes certainly invites questions from both men as well as women. However, a woman wearing no underwear under her clothes isn’t a sign of her low moral level. In fact, there are plenty of perfectly sane explanations for why women go without underwear. Here are a few of those.

To let sweat induced rashes heal

Women’s skin is more delicate than that of men’s. This means that during humid seasons, they are more prone to getting rashes and sore skin when the bands of their shorts and brassieres cut into the sweaty skin. When the condition is severe, women may prefer to go without underwear to allow the skin to heal.

Bras are uncomfortable

A leading cause of women going braless is the fact that most bras are designed to fit snugly around the ribcage. This may cause a lot of discomfort in breathing normally. Sometimes, shoulder straps on a bra too cause chaffing on the skin which may prompt women to forgo wearing bras every once in a while.

To counter infections

While the common conception of women that go without panties is that they are being sensual, the fact remains that vaginal infections are a leading cause of such behavior. Conditions like yeast infection require the area to be kept clean, dry and cool. Since a fabric covering like underwear can raise the temperature of the skin, wearing underwear can have an adverse effect when one is suffering from a vaginal infection. Hence, going without underwear could be a great way to allow the infection to subside naturally over a course of time.