Why do girls like bad boys

Why do girls like bad boys

We have seen girls falling for bad boys right from school days to the corporate board offices. Even on popularity meter, notorious boys like film celebrities, sportsperson, politicians, business honchos have always been popular with girls. The question is why does it seem to be a universal phenomenon? Why do girls invariably like bad boys?

Most experts believe that girls tend to attribute the bad traits with masculinity. These bad boys kind of exude untamed masculinity, confidence and independence that women adore and want to be associated with. Sometimes, girls connect these untamed traits of these people with their sexuality and begin to believe that they can make fantastic partners for life time.

Some psychologists believe that the women who fall for bad boys are themselves quite shy and cocooned in their inner world. They believe that these people will be able to protect them from big bad world in a better way.

Since bad boys are confident, indifferent, powerful, usually rich, adventurous and mysterious. This kind of keeps girls intrigued and they want to know more about such boys. As they try to know more about these boys, they tend to get impressed with them and begin to like them.

Girls also begin to like bad boys because they are in general powerful people and the illusion of power makes the girls like these bad boys more.

Somehow, for most of the girls it is just a passing phase because as they grow and begin to think about long lasting relationships and commitment in relationships, their liking for bad boys dips down and they begin to like people with values and commitment.