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Why do horses wear nose bands

Why do horses wear nose bands

A nose band is actually a part of horses bridle and it encircles the jaw and the nose. A nose band is actually one of the foremost tools used by human beings to domesticate an animal, in this case a horse. The nose band has several uses:

  • Traditionally nose band has been used to give a good look to the horse. In the ancient times, the nose band was tied around the nose of the horse to make it look well proportionate. The nose band is tied in various ways to make the face look handsome. Horses with wide head are tied with a broad nose band to make them look delicate.
  • Nose band are also used to keep the mouths of the horse shut. Often, horses evade the bit by opening their mouth far wide. A nose band helps in preventing the horse from evading the bit. It also helps in preventing a horse from putting its tongue over the bit.
  • Nose bands are also used to stop a rider from pulling and exerting more control over the horse.
  • At times nose band is also used as an attachment for equipment like standing martingale or shadow roll.
  • Sometimes, nose bands are simple used for decorating a horse and do not have any other use. The selection of a nose band for a horse totally depends on the size of a horse’s head. Nasal bone, jaw, tongue, bars and the chewing musculature are the important parts of a horses’ anatomy while selecting a nose band.

A nose band must be very carefully tied around the nose of a horse else it can cause severe damage to a horse and in extreme cases can prove fatal too.

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