Why do girls like chocolate

Why do girls like chocolate

There are many reasons behind girls love for chocolates. This has got to do a lot with the female hormone cycle in a woman’s body contrary to boy’s almost stable hormonal status throughout the month. Women tend to have increasing and then ebbing level of hormones in each menstrual cycle. Due to this whirlwind rise and fall of hormones cortisol, the stress hormone increases and serotonin the feel good compound begins to ebb.

Now, here comes the role of chocolate. Chocolate has the ability to mimic serotonin and release endorphins – the feel good hormone, which helps in releasing anxiety and depression. Since PMS is the time when a woman tends to feel depressed and teary and anxious for several things in life, chocolates come as sole rescuer which helps them feel good during their emotional crisis.

Some people also believe that chocolate cravings indicate a need of magnesium in the body because chocolates are rich in magnesium though it is undisputed fact that eating whole grains and green vegetables is the best way to get magnesium rather than gorging on chocolates regularly.

Besides, chocolates are always liked by the girls because of their amazing taste, aroma and texture. It is also believed that chocolates also contain chemical phenylethylamine, or PEA, which stimulates heart beat and increases blood pressure, the way one experiences when one falls in love. Obviously, experiencing that romantic thrill gives a different kind of high to girls and they love eating chocolates more often.

Psychologists also believe that since girls think of chocolate as a forbidden food as it helps in weight gain, at the back of their minds, it becomes more and more desirable for them and crave for them quite frequently.